The mission of the R&D Cell at Shivalik College of Engineering is to provide an inclusive environment for the promotion and support of research and development activities. The staff and students are expected to develop innovative thinking and intellectual curiosity in the incubation centres. All the Departments have their respective incubation Centres which comprises of a faculty coordinator along with two students from B. Tech. The R&D Cell gives support for:

  • Promotion of of Institute Industry interaction.
  • Collaboration with Industries.
  • Patents
  • Research Assistance to Faculty Members.
  • A special attention is paid to some of the emerging areas like Robotics; Cloud computing, PLC-SCADA, Embedded Systems, SOLIDWORKS and STADDPRO etc.

An important aim of the research activity at Shivalik College of Engineering, is to enhance the quality of interaction between Institute and industry for solving technical problems. Equally important is the aim for enhancing the research ability of our students who have the interest and aptitude to carry out innovative research. Our Institute is provided with well-equipped laboratories,specialized equipments, full range of required infrastructure, including campus-wide networking and high-speed internet access. Every department has faculty and students involved extensively in research activities.