Training & Placement

In a short span of 9 years, since its inception (2008), SCE has established itself as an institution par excellence, dedicated to provide students with a strong scientific, technical and humanistic foundation and encourage them to develop creativity in identifying problems and seeking solutions. What distinguishes SCE from other institutions is the unswerving commitment towards producing professionals of outstanding quality and to transform students into professionals and technocrats who will stand tall amongst the crowd.

One element of a college education that many students may not initially consider is that of career preparation. Academic coursework and professor interactions provide students with an analytical framework to solve problems and subject matter knowledge. The role of career services, however, is to help translate that knowledge into the next step after college that is employment to the student but before that the department takes care of the overall personality development of the student.

Before the student step into his final year and appear for the Placement the Cell make sure that he is fully prepared to face all the challenges in the market scenario by providing them time to time proper Personality development classes, Guest Lecture , Trainings, Industrial Tours, Corporate Exposure and many more….