• The primary objective of the ODSW is to address and effectively solve various student related matters. ODSW is a bridge between students and authorities at SGI. ODSW has to maintain a balance between student’s demands/problems and find a feasibility of solutions provided by the authorities.
  • Developing a suitable system in which complaints of students with respect to hostel/campus infrastructure will be attended to, by the maintenance staff in timely manner. Taking care of the needs of the students and making suggestions to the management based on the same.
  • Since food is the most primitive form of comfort, ODSW in conjunction with the Mess Committee is committed to maintain the quality and taste of the food served in the mess and cafeteria. Complaints of students related to the mess facilities will be considered and appropriate steps for solving them will be taken. Quality checks in the mess and cafeteria are conducted on regular basis. Infrastructure of Mess, Cafe (Night Mess), utensils, and water requirements are taken care of as well.
  • As students belong to different states, countries, cultures and religions, various on-campus cultural events are to be conducted; these events will make students aware of the culture and customs of others and further encourage them to celebrate different festivals together and know each other better. The campus should act as a melting pot for different cultures.
  • The Office of the Students Welfare is geared towards embarking on a large number of activities for the benefit of the student community.
  • This Office, in addition, aims to develop community life in the campus to ensure holistic development, an inclusive atmosphere and general welfare of the students.