Internal Quality Assurance Cell Team

Office Memorandum

The Composition of lQAC is revised for the Academic year 2020-21 as per the guidelines of NAAC. The composition consists of the following members.

Sr.No Composition Criteria No. of Members Name Designation Affiliation
1. Chairperson -Head of the Institution 1 Dr. Sandip Vijay Director and Chairperson (lQAC) SCE, Dehradun
2. Member ,from the Management 1 Nominated Member of BOG - SCE, Dehradun
3. Industrialists 1 Mr.S.C.Mittal Industrial Representative CEO-lnstrumentations & Systems
4. Senior Administrative officers 5 Dr. Umesh Chandra Gupta Professor & COE SCE, Dehradun
Dr.Ranit Kishore Dean Administration SCE, Dehradun
Mr.R.S. Bhandari Registrar SCE, Dehradun
Mr. Abhishek Sarkar Dean-Training & Development SCE, Dehradun
Mr. Shailendra Pundir Training & placement Officer SCE, Dehradun
5. Coordinator -lQAC. 1 Mr. Ayushman Srivastav Asst.Professor(ME) SCE, Dehradun
6. Senior Faculty Members 5 Dr. Ganesh Bhatt Principal-COP COP, Dehradun
Mr. Sanjay Sharma Dean Academics & HOD-ME SCE, Dehradun
Mr. Surmadhur Pant Dean Student Welfare & HOD-EEE SCE, Dehradun
Mr. Ashutosh Bhatt HOD-CSE SCE, Dehradun
Dr. Sujeet Kumar HOD-CE SCE, Dehradun
Mr.Mohit Payal HOD-ECE SCE, Dehradun
Mr. Kuldeep Rawat Coordinator Diploma Courses SCE, Dehradun
7. Nominee from local society 1 Er. R.P.Jamloki Educationist Member Institute of Engineers, Dehradun
7. Alumni 2 Mr.Harish Dhami Alumini SCE (Batch 2014) Research Scholar IISc. Bengaluru
Mrs.Meenakshi Rawat Singh Alumini SCE (Batch 2013)

The above lQAC will meet once in every quarter or as decided by the Chairperson lQAC to review the various aspects of institutional functioning. IQAC will function as per procedure mentioned in Academic policy manual