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Engineering - A plus that multiplies

The constant changing technology is leading to an everchanging market with people of constantly changing demands and to meet these demand the engineers must be aware of the latest trend that come in daily and to lead in such a competitive world one must be a good manager, a leader and a technocrat to the core as it's his main domain of an engineer at Shivalik the faculty and the curriculum is solely designed for this purpose so that the students of Shivalik can lead an as string individual

'Intelligent Engineering' is more than a buzzword that shall soon sweep the way businesses are done and simultaneously change how 'Engineering' is taught in classrooms.

Thus, there is a need to go beyond conventional engineering; there is a need to go a degree higher with Engineering Plus.

Engineering is one of the most coveted and lucrative professions and will continue to remain so in the years to come. Engineering firms are strongly positioned as the builders of a smart, connected world. As governments and the private sector work towards infrastructure upgrades and smart-city megaprojects, a skilled and driven workforce will always be required.

On the brink of Industrial Revolution 4.0, engineering combined with technology is set to change the way we live.

Some excerpts of their foreword to future engineers:

Changes that we can expect in the industry the academia, given the uncertain times that we are living in today?

A lot of time is saved in terms of traveling to workplaces, getting ready for office, and other such activities. This time must be utilized to enhance one's skill set. For some people, it becomes even more important to pick up one skill and upgrade, if their existence in the industry is questionable due to advancement in technology or operational changes. If one can use the time in hand to improvise one's skill set, one remains relevant to the firm and the industry as a whole.

Life will go back to normal. The definition of normal, however, will certainly change. It is, in fact, the legacy of catastrophes. For instance, flipped classrooms, blended learning and online learning may have taken five years to penetrate the education sector. Due to the circumstances at hand, it may happen today or tomorrow. Students must adapt to changes quickly and learn from it.

What is it that an ever-evolving industry would require from a student aspiring to be a part of it?

Even though it is important to know about promising industries, the basic question a student must ask himself/herself is: Why should a firm hire me? The defining factor that makes all the difference is the skill set one possesses; additional skills must be acquired while graduating from a college. Communication, for instance, is integral to all the streams of study. Lastly, an industry-relevant project must be picked up by the student to gain relevance and understanding.

Communication is the most important skill in any industry - how one presents ideas, convinces people, makes effective presentations, etc. With the democratization of technology that everybody can access, it is necessary to possess multidisciplinary skills. Also necessary is the skill to 'learn how to learn' i.e. the skill to become a self-learner and understand how one can be relevant in a post-COVID-19 world.
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