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Dehardhun - The Best Educational Hub In The Northern Belt Of The Indian Sub-Continent

When it comes to education, what first comes to the mind of is a place where we can study in peace, which is serene and quiet, has a lush green environment, which is away from the usual city honking and hustle and especially close to nature and also which has sound facilities for its students one that can provide technical advancement and make them personalities that can lead people, that can be role models and also be successful industrialists or businessman or technocrats well all this can very well be found in the capital city of the Indian state of Uttarakhand close to the young fold of the Himalayan ranges of mountains this city is home to some of the best colleges in the country and is also popularly known as the education hub among students.

Well, Dehradun and education are quite synonymous. The city has been known as the "school capital of India", for its world-class residential schools which attract students across the globe. During the last decade, Dehradun has tremendously evolved as a hub for higher education in north India. All you have to do is simply name a genre or stream in which you wish to pursue higher education, the options are galore in this capital city of Uttarakhand. From Engineering to Management, Pharmacy to business studies everything is covered and also every subject has some of the well-known institutes of north India in Dehradun.

Dehradun home to some of the country's best scenic beauties and its weather is yet another factor that adds up to it and makes it one among the most preferred locations to pursue higher education in the northern belt of the Indian subcontinent. The city is also flanked by the majestic Himalayan range in the north and the picturesque Shivaliks in the south. The overall package that this city has to offer makes it an undebatable location to chase one's dreams.

And not just about pursuing higher education but also when it comes to schooling, Dehradun has to offer some of the country's best schools that cross one's mind.another big reasons of Dehradun to be an ideal place for schooling and higher education is the military environment it has being home to the Indian Military Academy (IMA) gives it an upper hand over other places which are almost identical to other things that this city has to offer and also it has one of the oldest Cantonment areas.

The educational opportunities are immense and Dehradun has some of the finest colleges imparting education in the fields of Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Medicine, Sciences, etc.

According to a recent survey it has been found that there has been a threefold increase in the number of engineering and management institutes in Dehradun, in the past eight years. The success of these institutions can be judged by the fact that the maximum of these college's passed out students work with world renowned companies as one of the best professionals that they have ever seen. The idea of education in the colleges of Dehradun is drawn by the elements from modern challenges in the area of excellence in higher education. The universities of Dehradun also offer postgraduate courses to the students with the best technical knowledge.

Dehradun is one of the nation's fastest becoming favorite destination for students willing to pursue engineering in different streams. Colleges here offer various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to students, the more popular ones being Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, and Computer Science Engineering. The city is also the home to several engineering colleges that are highly specialized in providing its students with technical knowledge and the correct attitude to lead a successful career in the corporate world.

Dehradun has witnessed the largest explosion of Management colleges among any other city in the State and possibly in the country. Several colleges offer different management programs in the city and its suburbs and many have made a substantive mark in the said domain. Medical studies are one area that has recently developed in the city of Doon. During the last decade, many colleges are imparting medical and paramedical studies and now it has flourished in the city. A rumor has it that these institutes boast of students coming in from as far as Jammu & Kashmir and even Kerala. Dehradun is even dotted with several law colleges, out of which many are well-known for giving an in-depth understanding of legal issues. A large number of students from other states join these colleges every year to grip over the same.

The accommodation of students has certainly been an area that requires regular and systematic improvement and this also has been the prime concern for many parents who send out their kids from different places to pursue ahead in their life and career. There are many government and private hostels, for both boys and girls there is also plenty of organized paying guest (PG) facilities around the city and a maximum of these are around the educational institutes that are being run by private owners.

Many colleges have recently also stepped into the arena of providing accommodation to students. Apart from PGs and hostels, a large number of families in and around Dehradun also give rooms on rent. Areas that provide housing facilities are usually near the institutional premises.

Dehradun is not just famous in the world for its scintillating surroundings and mesmerizing beauty but it is also known across the globe for its rich culture and heritage. "Unity in diversity" holds the true meaning for Dehradun culture as the city is home to four major world religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The city's culture is unique, colorful, and famous for its tradition, hospitality, liveliness, and generosity. The culture of Dehradun has played a key role in the development of education in the city which weaves together its cuisine, festivals, music, literature, art, and so on making it stand out distinctively among other cities. Fairs and festivals are the best way to display the rich culture in Dehradun.
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