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Adventure in Uttarakhand

A student sometimes needs a break from all the academic pressure and needs to hang with friends and sometimes with himself, what could be better than a trekking expedition to the mountains in the lap of nature leaving all that hustle and the tensed environment behind and just sit back and relax for a while and talk your worries out with your friends sitting around a bonfire in the middle of the night on the mountains, which will soothe your soul and calm your mind up, well at a point everyone needs a break and enjoy with friends, after all, that is life all about to enjoy and cherish every moment you have.

Trekking is often considered to be an adventurous activity and also one to relieve stress and much-needed exercise for the body, students nowadays o through a lot of academic pressure and so it is really important to remember to take a break and explore the world around you, trekking requires a lot of things to consider and when neglected the outcomes can be dangerous to one's self and others, Uttarakhand has some of the country's best trekking companies registered by the state government that follow proper safety precautions and experienced tour guides for the interested

Adventure packages when having a variety to choose from makes the adventure even more interesting and Uttarakhand contains some of the country's best to offer places like mountains, rivers, unbeaten paths, the sprawling alpine meadows, and the snow- clad gradients in the gorgeous state of Uttarakhand. The rugged topography and the raging glacial rivers convert the state into the finest adventure destination for students in India. Further enhancing the charm of the challenges in Uttarakhand is the unpredictable climate that locks horns with the adventurists only to make the experience even more memorable. Undoubtedly, the state is an ideal adventure destination and holiday trekking spot infamous for students in India as it beckons some adventure activities that offer spine-chilling and distinct experiences rarely found anywhere else.

When trekking the most important thing is the view, and Uttarakhand is the home for some of the most interesting and picturesque trekking hills that one can find. The enigmatic trekking trails that mostly are flower-strewn offer unprecedented surreal views and further enhance the charm of choosing an adventure activity for students here. The state gives complete liberty to students to pick the trek of their choice with all precautions and safety measures taken.

Every category of treks has its challenges and rewards. Some treks require mountain climbing and rope walking, and some treks offer a majestic view of peaks like Nanda

Devi and Trishul and also a chance to visit some of the best places in Uttarakhand. Many of the treks proffer the opportunity to have a glance at the rural lifestyle and interact with the locals, whereas a few treks render a chance to camp under the starry sky in solitude. Also, some treks lead to earthly abodes of gods like Kedarnath and Badrinath, and then some trails open into an earthly paradise like the Valley of Flowers.

River rafting is quite a rushy experience which gives the youngsters quite a taste of their adrenaline and it's been one of the activities that are majorly taken up by the college students who come here especially for boating. The glacial-fed rivers are ideal for pursuing the finest water rafting adventures. The river Ganga which is also reckoned to be the holiest river on the planet can be seen in a dual role here. On one hand, the river is a sole cleanser for the believers who take a dip of faith in it; and on the other hand, it is a wild and whimsical river that is capable of offering a spine-chilling experience while rafting.

Skiing is also one of the major adventurous experience that is offered by the well-laid and snow-clad slopes that are proud as a peacock. Apart from these, the topography of Uttarakhand allows several other adventure sports like paragliding and mountain biking. The state is adorned with abundant natural beauty, emerald rivers, green-cloaked hills, snow-capped peaks, and lush green forests indeed offers an incredible opportunity for adventure.

The Indian state of Uttarakhand is also replete with beautiful trekking trails where scenic views come as a reward. It is home to pristine trails that await to be discovered and lead to gorgeous glaciers; majestic Himalayan Mountains; breathtaking high altitude lakes; and surreal alpine meadows. Few awe-inspiring treks demand fewer efforts but in return offer unsurpassed experiences. For the novice or amateur trekkers, Uttarakhand has a lot of easy treks with views to die for.

In recent years after the growing interest of young students in such adventure activities, many private companies have also come up with new and exciting packages of trekking to new places via new routes. The state is home to some of the most splendid moderate treks for those seeking to polish their skills and exploring the unspoiled beauty of the state. Some moderate treks also lead to pilgrimage sites like which are tucked away in a distant meadow. Then some lead to lofty glaciers and high-altitude mountain passes which are quite breathtaking.

Some treks require special knowledge and training to survive and others simply may be difficult in terms of their steep route and long-distance, but they do add up to an achievement that can be celebrated throughout a student's life and may have some memories to hold on to.
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