Sports and Cultural Committee

Scope and Functions Sports Club

  • To promote and develop interest in a particular sports or physical activity.
  • It enhance the student college experience and contribute to the student overall education and wellness.
  • It motivate the student to participated in national level.
  • It help us to develop self discipline in life.

Joining sports club means that you will have to allocate a certain slot in your busy schedule to exercise.

  • Sports club attract people with similar values; whether it be keeping fit, staying active or just wishing to meet new people.
  • Accomplishing any goal in line tends to give us a sense of competency.
  • Any exercise will help you relax more because it releases endorphins that give mellow happy feeling.
  • A place in a sports team might not seem like the kind of thing that will catch an employer’s eye, but you’ll pick up plenty of soft skill, such as time management by involved in a sport team.
  • It’s an opportunity to try something new.
  • You’ll have fun!

Student Team Members

Sports Coordinator

Cultural Committee

Scope and Functions of Cultural Club

  • Aims to boost confidence and loosen the bonds of fear.
  • Spreading awareness has been the biggest motive with young students being the biggest motivator.
  • Develops interactive skills.
  • Raises innovative skills and also educates about various cultures.
  • Cultural club is not just about performing at stage. It is a complete experience where a student enhances their skills and their learning graph.
  • Helps remove the biggest stage fear.
  • The club marks the experience so interactive and communicative, that it becomes more of an enjoyment and learning platform with everyone being a concerned member.
  • Student comes out with various innovative ideas which even help them in their own domain where they are able to stand up for their opinion.
  • Increases the participative skill with an aim to bring the best out of the performer.

Student team members

Faculty Coordinator