Hostel Committee


The basic aim of hostel committee is to provide a home for new entrants and allow them to become acclimatized and accustomed to the new academic world. The hostel is an area where students are usually supervised by the administration of the institutes. The students are also encouraged to develop community life and inculcate the spirit of tolerance, thus taking care of their psychological and emotional problems and shape themselves to be better citizens. It is in this spirit and sense of direction that rules and regulations are framed carefully for orderly and peaceful living, and to make students `Good Samaritans’ and leaders of tomorrow. Life in hostel always provides many fond memories and as such all efforts are made to make the living in hostel most memorable.


  • To provide the right atmosphere for study and exchange of ideas and opinions.
  • Hostel life is a mixture of students of different cultural backgrounds, where student learns to live with different group of people.
  • Hostel life also develops community life where students learn punctuality and sincerity and learn audacity, bravery, daring, more confident which make student more practical in real life situation.
  • Hostel life fits the quotation “ Time changes People changes” because it changes the way of living with other students which reflect in personality, dressing sense, way of communicating and finally support in become professional engineer.


Dr. Sujeet Kumar


Ajay Kumar Verma


Dr. Saba Sabir


Prem Sing Rawat


Anuradha Sharma


Student Members:

  • Rohit Kumar (CE)
  • Yogendra Singh (EEE)
  • Saurav Kumar (CSE)
  • Aman Tiwari (CSE)
  • Satish Kumar (ME)
  • Puneet Kumar (ECE)
  • Surbhi (CSE)
  • Aditi (CSE)
  • Akansha (Pharmacy)
  • Aishwarya (EEE)
  • Snehakshi (BBA)