Innovative Teaching

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Innovative methods of teaching are of prime importance for the current generation. Teaching students in ways that keep them engaged and interested in the content can sometimes be a challenge. In the short-attention span world we live in, it can be harder than ever to keep the students excited and engrossed in learning.

Visualization, Technology tools and active learning

Finding new and innovative methods of teaching is a crucial skill for the academicians. Brain research has shown that certain methods and approaches can truly enhance the learning process. Applying innovative learning and attention-management techniques to classes is a win-win for both students and faculties.

  1. Visualization
    Teaching students visualization skills help them understand, recall and think critically about subjects they study we do this by simulation models & case studies.

  2. Wisely Managed Classroom Technology
    Computers, projectors and audio-visual aids can enhance a student’s learning experience. Possible uses of classroom technology include leveraging guest speakers from around the world, or multimedia projects that allow students to explore subject matter using film, audio and even software they create.

  3. Active learning: Peer Instruction, Discussion groups and Collaborative problem solving
    The instructor leads a short overview of the day’s topic and gives students a challenge to meet by the end of the class, such as answering a question or solving a problem. Students break into small groups to do research online, chart out ideas and discuss ways to meet the challenge. At the end of class, each group shares what they’ve learned with their peers.