Star Alumni Achiever Speaks

Alumni Achievers Speaks

Varun Kohli (Google)

I feel the kind of exposure we got from shivalik college of engineering was phenomenal .The exposure was not only limited to the boundaries of our country but was global too which helped us realize how world is running business. guest faculty and guest lectures gave us very good insight. All I can say is that the shivalik college gave us third eye to see how world is moving and where we can position ourselves globally.

Krishna Ballabh Gupta (IBM India)

Whenever I am making new strides and growth in my career, I always remember my College with gratitude. It gave me a strong foundation to be what I am today.

Mitali Hembrom (HCL Technologies)

Shivalik College of Engineering played a crucial role in shaping my career... I owe my success to the College.

Sommya semwal (HCL Infosystems)

When I first entered Shivalik College of engineering I was anxious about my future. Over the four years, so many doors were opened for our personal and academic development that I became confident. The college aims at enhancing our knowledge, skills and abilities. It, in fact, didn’t leave the attitude part behind as well. These years at shivalik are the best years concerning learning, experience and gaining exposure to fields relevant to my discipline, all due to my faculty member. All thanks to shivalik college of engineering.

Rahul Kandari (ATOS)

Looking back at the 4 years that I spent in SCE, there are so many memories that come as my flashback. I had the pleasure of completing my graduation from Shivalik college of engineering under the guidance of highly efficient Professors and Management. From the first day itself the college has surprised me with such a phenomenal step by step learning process. Engineering course is not just a process of earning a bachelor’s degree. It is a period which defines your life. You enter a college as a confused teenager and a right college serves the very purpose of moulding you up in each and every respect and shivalik does a very good job in doing so.

Raj Tilak (ATOS)

College plays a very important role in making the career of a person, for me this was Shivalik College.I had a very positive experience with SCE, it had contributed a major part in my career building. The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals.

Shikhar Gairola (EY)

Those were moments of change and life is on a fast track since.

Sankal Pchitransh (India Technologies Pvt.Ltd)

Four long years, a great learning experience. I came face to face with a lot of good things. And now that I'm out, I miss shivalik the most. It's a family that I've left.


Shivalik College of engineering is one of the best place to grow and learn.


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