Department of Civil Engineering organized an Industrial Visit to Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Sidcul , Haridwar

The Department of civil Engineering organized a one day Industrial Visit to Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Sidcul, and Haridwar on 23rd Sept 2016 for the students of civil 3rd Year along the faculty members Dr. Anjana Rajput and Mr. Ashish Mishra. Overall it was a good exposure with Treatment Plant the Students of civil Engineering. The visit was conducted group wise.

The visit covered the following details:- The students visited the following sections and gain the practiacal knowledge of following unit process at Common Effluent Treatment Plant

  1. Screening Tanks (Where Collection Of Effluent From 450 Industries)
  2. Coagulation Tank
  3. Skkiming Tank
  4. Clarifier
  5. Activated Sludge Process
  6. Filteration
  7. Disposal of Sludge
  8. Common Effluent Treatment Laboratory

The students of 3rd Year and the staff members enjoyed the technical endeavor at Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Sidcul, and Haridwar. Environment and Safety officer, uttarakhand and Project Head Mr. Amit Singh explained all the process followed in Treatment Plant. He told to students that they achieve BOD reduction upto 8-10 mg/l and COD 30 mg/l which is large acheivement in itself. He also interacted with students and discussed different perspective of jobs in civil as well in environment. Purpose of this visit was to give practical knowledge to the students of the subject i.e Environmental Engg II. Students were well mannered and disciplined throughout the Tour.

Mr. Amit, Environment and Safety officer explaining different processes

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