Selfie Contest Organized By Photography & Video Club

A Selfie contest was organized by Photography and Video Club during the Freshers Party on 17 September 2016. One trophy was kept for first year and the other for second year. Theme for first year was "Junior-Senior Relationship" and for second year was "Funny Selfie".Nandini from CSE first year became "Selfie Expert from Juniors" and Arti from CSE second year became "Selfie Expert from Seniors". Entries of Shubham Semwal, Vanshika Sahni, Natasha and Sapna Rawat from first year and entries of Ripul Verma, Arun, Tania and Pooja from second year were worth mentioning.

Winner "Nandini CSE 1st Yr"

1st Runner Up "Arti CSE 2nd Yr"

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