About ME & Automobile

Mechanical Engineering is considered as the mother of all engineering disciplines. Linking all branches of engineering together, M.E. provides a foundation to the entire engineering education. And hence it is known as the mother branch. Applications of mechanical engineering have spread into almost every industry. Started right from the origin of universe, M.E. applications will continue working forever.

"We sweat it out in the labs and it's a lot of fun."


To be regionally, and nationally recognized in providing mechanical engineering education, leading to well qualified engineers who are innovative, immediate contributors to their profession and successful in advanced studies.


To prepare, inspire, and mentor students to excel professionally and personally to serve society through innovation and research. To do so, Mechanical Engineering Department constantly strives towards excellence in teaching-learning process by involving effective industry-academic collaboration for lifelong learning ability in graduates and to provide professional and ethical values to students.


  • Practice Mechanical Engineering in broad range of industries.
  • Pursue advanced education, research and development, and other creative and innovative efforts in Science, Engineering and Technology, as well as professional careers.
  • Conduct themselves in a responsible, professional, and ethical manner.
  • Participate as leaders in their fields of expertise and in activities that support service and economic development nationally and throughout the world.

ME Laboratories

  • Simulation Lab
  • Project R & D lab
  • Machine workshop
  • Fitting workshop
  • foundry & welding workshop
  • Carpentry, Sheet metal and black smithy workshop
  • Thermal engineering lab
  • Fluid machine and mechanics lab
  • Dynamics of machines & Vibration lab
  • Heat & mass transfer lab
  • CAD/CAM lab (CNC)
  • Machine hydraulics lab
  • Theory of machine and design lab
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning lab
  • Central workshop
  • Strength of materials (SOM) Lab


The Jethero’s Society of Mechanical engineers (JSME) is created for a continued growth of the mechanical engineering profession and technological advancement in the country. JSME has indeed succeeded in living up to its role of upgrading and improving the knowledge of mechanical engineers in the country with its direct assistance in providing solutions.